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Business services

Vega Investigations

Our business services are aimed at mitigating internal and external risks. During the last years we have took on many cases of violation of the rules such as employee absenteeism, disloyal partners, managers and employees, debt collection.

Our agency helps companies to prevent or solve their problems thanks to personalized investigations useful to present evidences in court.

Vega Investigazioni offers quality, accuracy and promptness and, despite the latest technological innovations, we can make a difference thanks to a well-organized and competent team of private detectives.

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Our main business services:

• Employee absenteeism;
• Unfair competition;
• Trademark use investigation;
• Skip tracing and solvency investigation;
• Security management;
• Debt collection;
• Accompaniment with car for VIP.

Our private detectives conduct their investigations within the bounds of legality, morality and professional ethics in full compliance with the current regulations.