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Insurance Investigation

Vega Investigations

Insurance companies in accordance with recent legislation have the responsibility to prevent false insurance claims that cause a huge loss of money to them because they must refund the claims. This causes an increase of the cost of insurance policies.

Vega Investigazioni conducts investigations aimed at verifying if a car accident has actually occurred. If our detectives gather evidences of a false insurance claim, our agency will present the information collected to the competent authority.

Vega Investigazioni offers quality, accuracy and promptness and, despite the latest technological innovations, we can make a difference thanks to a well-organized and competent team of private detectives.

False insurance claims represents the 5-10% of the car accidents and they are becoming more and more frequent.

Our main insurance services :

• Obtaining records acts from the authorities;
• Inspection and appraisal;
• Witness vetting;
• Social and economic investigations;
• Obtaining an insured person’s history report;
• Defense investigative service.

Our private detectives conduct their investigations within the bounds of legality, morality and professional ethics in full compliance with the current regulations.