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Defense investigative service

Vega Investigations
Our services:

Prosecutor have coercive power unlike defendants and private detectives who however can conduct investigations that may often be decisive. Our agency offers you the following services:

– Witness interview and statement useful for the investigation (we collect information in compliance with the legislation in force or it can’t be used in court);
– Inspecting and examining places or things, making technical, graphic, planimetric, photographic, audio visual surveys (upon the mandate of the attorney) also in places that are not open to the public and, if the detectives are authorized by the judge, they don’t need the owner’s content.
– Tailing, shadowing, making a stakeout, taking photos or videos and any action useful to make sure of the information gathered

What you can obtain from a defensive investigation:

Our private investigators can testify in court with regard to the defensive investigative action or they can verbalize a declaration letter written by a person of interest in accordance with the article 197, clause I, letter D). A good investigator is an advantage for defenders’ offices because he can gather evidences in favor of the person under investigation that can be presented in court giving the judge a precise and reliable report of what happened.

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