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The investigation agency

Vega Investigations

Vega Investigazioni has been in business since 1995 and it was founded in Genoa. Vega investigazioni’s main investigation services are: private investigation, business investigation, legal investigation, insurance investigation.

Vega Investigazioni has become a reference point of high investigation in the Ligurian area expanding its range at national and international level. Vega Investigazioni offers quality, accuracy and promptness and, despite the latest technological innovations, we can make a difference thanks to a well-organized and competent team of private detectives.

Our values:

• the continuous increase in our organizational processes aimed at providing a service that meets the client’s needs;
• the guarantee of a policy in compliance with the deontological standards adopted;
• quality and legality supplying information and evidences admissible in ant proceedings;
• transparency and readiness in communicating with clients also regarding financial matters;
• attention to the processing of personal information in compliance with the current legislation on personal data protection.

Nowadays the term “intelligence” is increasingly used to refer to administrative or marketing processes aimed at reaching the highest standards.

The term “intelligence” is also used at university, during conventions, in the virtual world of internet, but “intelligence” refers to a procedure that give a meaning to events through gathering, evaluating and analyzing information, data or records. The intelligence phase is an analysis or process of deriving logical conclusions from premises known or assumed to be true, which is also known as  inference.