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Legal services

Vega Investigations

Our investigative agency is specialized in investigations in support of lawyers in civil and criminal cases. Our investigations provide an effective help when a client needs to collect information or evidences admissible in any proceedings.

Vega Investigazioni offers quality, accuracy and promptness and, despite the latest technological innovations, we can make a difference thanks to a well-organized and competent team of private detectives.

In defense investigation lawyers may secure the cooperation of private investigators for testimonial evidences because our detectives are prepared to testify in front of the judge telling what they verified and this is an efficient and useful help to find the most effective legal strategy or, in some cases, they can reach an irrefutable solution in order to solve the controversy. 'Il sole 24 ore'

Our main legal services :

• Asset searches;
• Tracing will beneficiaries;
• Defense investigative service;
• Commercial enquiries and investigations.

Our private detectives conduct their investigations within the bounds of legality, morality and professional ethics in full compliance with the current regulations.