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Adultery or infidelity

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Debt collection

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Defense investigation

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Main Investigation activities

Our private detectives help clients in Italy and around the world in partnership with international investigators.

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Private Services

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Business services

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Defense investigation

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Specialized investigations

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Hours of investigative experience

Our team of detectives have gained more expertise through continuing vocational training and they meet the high standard requirement of experience required to meet each client’s specific investigation needs.

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Successful debt collection cases

Our specific competencies in debt collection helped our clients save time and money.

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We conduct inquiries following intelligence gathering techniques in order to achieve the highest standard possible.

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Our investigative methods.

Our method applied to High Investigation is aimed at providing an intelligence operation which is essential for identifying the important information.

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Case analysis

Acquiring information

In the beginning phase the client gives us all the information he/she possesses, which will be used by our experts in order to study the case and to plan the best investigative activity aimed at achieving the highest standards.

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Investigative activities

Investigative procedure

We work following effective procedures thanks to high technology systems in order to collect information and evidence credible within the strict rules governing evidence and privacy laws.

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Final report

The report

At the end of the investigative activities the detective in charge of the investigation will complete a detailed report that sets out the situations seen and the evidences collected and he will give the client all the records.

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Key values ​​of our investigative activities are quality, accuracy and celerity.

In addition to the incredible technological advances , it is thanks to the excellent organization and expertise of its team of private investigators if today it is possible to offer the added value that makes the difference for us.

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Our private detectives conduct their investigations within the bounds of legality, morality and professional ethics in full compliance with the current regulations.