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Security management

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Vega Investigazioni has substantial experience in private security, business security, event security. Our team is composed by experts in the field of security. Vega Investigazioni is your best choice if you need private or business security with professionalism,  discretion and confidentiality.

Our security services provide solutions to protect people and business or to ensure security in occasion of events and they are organized in order to prevent and mitigate risks that could create negative situations in a critical context. Vega is the only one that can offer you a security plan consisting in an accurate and detailed written operational plan developed in different phases. If you choose us, you can be confident you have a competitive agency in this field that can study, plan and manage personalized security actions in a professional way in cooperation with multilingual supervisors constantly supervising and controlling procedures.

Our main security services:

• analysis and study of the environment;
• risks analysis and identification of possible dangers;
• access surveillance ;
• cash flow coming in and going out management;
• supervision and protection of critical areas;
• operative intervention in case of critical events;
• hostess/stewards/receptionists during opening times.

Our main security services for events:

• study of the environment and of the venue of the event;
• risks analysis and identification of possible dangers;
• access surveillance;
• verification of titles and certifications;
• hostess and stewards;
• operative intervention in case of critical events;
• wardrobe service.

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