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Private Services

Vega Investigations

Our agency offers a personalized service in order to effectively support and respond to our clients’ needs concerning their personal life, family and their personal assets.

Our private investigations are aimed at clarifying suspicious situations and protecting our clients’ rights gathering evidence needed for his/her hearing or court date. Our investigations for private citizens and families have the purpose to find the right solutions to problems concerning married life, family, civil and criminal cases.

Vega Investigazioni offers quality, accuracy and promptness and, despite the latest technological innovations, we can make a difference thanks to a well-organized and competent team of private detectives.

No private detective looks like a private detective. That’s one pf the first rules of private detection. Douglas Adams - Writer

Our main private services:

• Conjugal infidelity ;
• Gathering of evidence for separation and divorce;
• Determining and modifying alimony payments;
• Gather evidence for child custody case;
• Child custody investigation;
• Locate missing people;
• Hidden asset investigation and legal disputes between heirs;
• Proof of stalking or harassment.

Our private detectives conduct their investigations within the bounds of legality, morality and professional ethics in full compliance with the current regulations.